- continuous everything

neocx realizes the vision of networked vehicles that reliably integrate into our environment, move safely, and communicate intelligently. To achieve this, neocx bundles powerful tools for the development, integration, and testing of customized digital functions and networked services.


As a joint venture between Volkswagen and TraceTronic, neocx combines enormous knowledge from the fields of vehicle production, software development, and automation. This combined expertise forms the basis of the Continuous integration factory (CI Factory), which will support all VW Group brands in integrating and safeguarding highly complex vehicle functions.


neocx is a living integration hub that encourages originality from its employees and translates this into continuous, user-driven product development. In this working environment, innovative solutions are either created or seamlessly integrated into existing tools and components.

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Are you bold, outspoken and determined to influence the future of the automotive industry? Then a job at neocx is just right for you. We are looking for people who want to make a difference, and personalities who will grow with us.