The vision

neocx is the new CX factory in the automotive sector with headquarters in Dresden. We code, we integrate, we test – we think in endless loops with perpetual optimization. With the aim of ambitiously and successfully guiding the transformation of a vehicle from a means of transport to a highly complex online device.

We follow automotive industry trends with our own prowess: continuity. Continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery – in all stages of development, from individual software components to integration in the vehicle.


Rapid updates, upgrades, releases – it's not the hardware but the software that is the market-differentiating component in vehicle development. It is both a quality feature and the basis for future business models, in equal measure.

If you want to keep pace with the development cycles of the future, you have to be faster. New vehicle functions, which first have to be integrated and extensively tested, are regularly made available at ever decreasing intervals. No easy task. After all, the complexity of modern vehicle functions and the degree to which they are networked in vehicles and in their environment are constantly increasing.

The demands on a vehicle have never been higher than they are today. Development has never progressed so rapidly. The interaction between software components, interfaces, and electronics must be accomplished to perfection. This is the only way to ensure the reliability of new smart cars. How do we achieve this? We continuously integrate and safeguard even the smallest change – from software components to the overall system.

Creating synergies

We believe that future automotive development will move on highly automated platforms. Platforms on which manufacturers and suppliers can work together and benefit from synergies. To overcome boundaries and create holistic systems, which are already tested and modified during development.

This is our vision for the automotive industry. This is neocx.